I found the most wonderful thing in the mail this monday-pink!


Ooooooh what  a lovely day!!!

The other day I went to buy the cheapest phone in town,  and ended up with a plain black one(pritty boooooring, to be honest),  my partner in crime, Weronika thought it was the worst phone she ever saw….Well she didn´t tell me right a way,  but after planning the exhibition drinking some wine and chatting away several hours this weekend together she dicided it was in place to give me a monday gift!!

Why I yesterday morning found the most lovely letter in my mailbox, with a note telling me it ´s disaterus seeing me beeing a victim of plain design and that I better get a grip and pimp my uggly phone.

As I,  as well as Weronika is obsessed with pink,  this is how it turned out:

Isn´t  this the most wonderful gift you can get, something to cher you up everyday and to that,  several times a day, coming to think of it.Thanks for letting me find this wonderful thing in my mail among bills and invoices,  it really made the day!!
Who desn´t need some glitter in the everydaylife, love you Weronika your the best!!

Don´t forget,  princesses fart glitter and you are extreamely handsome, at least,  tell your self that and everything feeels so much better, I´d say its gonna feeel marvelous:)
Love and glitterykisses/malin


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