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A nice day at Prickig Katt

28 March, 2010


A nice saturday at home. Surround you with things you love.

14 March, 2010

everyday inspiration at home

10 March, 2010

Sometimes one forgets  that it often can be the everydaythings in life that gives us most inspiration. What about having a look around at home for inspiration for instance.

Welcome tom my place where I find alot of inspiration.Enough colourful inspiration for to day!  Please don´t forget princesses fart glitter,  and you! Be careful what you wish it might come true.

Glittery kisses/mallan

a little of each..

9 March, 2010

Sometimes life just feel a little boring,  thats when I take out my aquarell coulors and dream away. Often my pics are in a more coulorful mood than I feel at the present, to cher me up and brighten the day. Often very often my girls (they are usually girls my pics..) carry a message to inspire you in life,  like-Do what you wish,  smile and the world might smile at you, at least it´s worth a try,  Go for it you can get it if you try,  and so on,  alot of rather common messages,  but nevertheless worth thinking of.

At least the girls usually cher me up with there bright colours happy/pretty faces and get a grip messages.

To morrow I will share some pics with you, right now I can´t reach my computer.

Have  a  nice evening and remember you´r the very best.

glittery kisses/malin

Just to make life a little more colourful place to be! Please don´t forget princesses fart glitter and always take care of  your self and your fantastic skills.

glittery kisses/malin

The cutest thing ever!

5 March, 2010

Inside every window there´s a lot of interesting things and inspiration. People are inspiriation. Things are inspiration. I love go through Haga in the late evening and look inside peoples cosy homes and life. I love being inspired!

5 March, 2010

I found the most wonderful thing in the mail this monday-pink!

1 March, 2010

Ooooooh what  a lovely day!!!

The other day I went to buy the cheapest phone in town,  and ended up with a plain black one(pritty boooooring, to be honest),  my partner in crime, Weronika thought it was the worst phone she ever saw….Well she didn´t tell me right a way,  but after planning the exhibition drinking some wine and chatting away several hours this weekend together she dicided it was in place to give me a monday gift!!

Why I yesterday morning found the most lovely letter in my mailbox, with a note telling me it ´s disaterus seeing me beeing a victim of plain design and that I better get a grip and pimp my uggly phone.

As I,  as well as Weronika is obsessed with pink,  this is how it turned out:

Isn´t  this the most wonderful gift you can get, something to cher you up everyday and to that,  several times a day, coming to think of it.Thanks for letting me find this wonderful thing in my mail among bills and invoices,  it really made the day!!
Who desn´t need some glitter in the everydaylife, love you Weronika your the best!!

Don´t forget,  princesses fart glitter and you are extreamely handsome, at least,  tell your self that and everything feeels so much better, I´d say its gonna feeel marvelous:)
Love and glitterykisses/malin

Grey day becomes orange!

1 March, 2010

Looking for things at Majorna market, a place where you can find all kind of things, people and happenings, this othervise very dull day everything felt soo much better after some sakletning.

I love finding things and making the best out of them, this day was no exeption.Finding lots of things, people and getting a great deal of inspiration.Meeting people gives such a great joy and inspiration both new and old people makes me find things inside myself true sakletarspirit!

This day everything turned out sunny and orange in the end.Orange Fia with both her feet outside the frame, go for it Fia go!

Don´t forget your very special,  princesses fart glitter and please smile, some one might,  just might smile back to you.

Love and glitterykisses/malin


1 March, 2010

Today is an exciting day, lots of meetings, can´t tell you whatfor rightnow.

Just need a happypicture to make me feel good, and to wish me all the best.

All the best to you too and remember, princesses fart glitter.

Love and glitterykisses/malin