Just one more to get the hang of it:)


Found some things that really inspires me, old stuff,mostely but also new stuff red stuff and simply, great stuff, I love  stuff…

Thats me in the end of all the  inspiering stuff and generally the inside of my head inspires me why I think I belong amongst my inspiering stuff:). I usually think old things,stuff, and cloathes are really beautyfull, why I am trying to get used to me beeing a little older and by that more beautiful….hm, does it really work that way, I dont know but I like to think of it in that way to get rid of year issues:)

And surprisingly, sometimes it really works!!

Please remember, Your the very best, princesses fart glitter everybody is an everyday princess and you!-take care!

Love and glittery kisses/malin


One Response to “Just one more to get the hang of it:)”

  1. prickigkatt Says:

    Tror att jag måste kommentera mej själv för att se om det funkar!!Det verkar som om att det gör det, tjabbadabbadooooooooooooooooooooo!

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