In progress of becoming a SAKLETARE sakletare….sakletarna


Wonderful,fantastic,fabulous,exciting and a couple of other superlatives,comes to mind when starting this new project:SAKLETARNA which is a swedish word from PippiLongstocking, meening looking for and finding not necessary beautiful but meeningful things.Or at least things you decide to look at as inspiering beautiful and lovely in your own wierd way.

live life living and eyes open! go for it!

My mind is like a cinema, all kinds of movies are

on the run and makes life coulor ful

You can do what ever you want-at least try..

We have put the meening of seeing the beauty in life in it(the word), so in our blog you´ll soon learn to find all sorts of things people,happenings,words and stuff that we use, have used, or gonna use in the creating of our sakletarnaworld.

You will be able to find outcast for drawings, paintings, small dolls, scetches of dresses, thaughts,words and even more from our working progress on our way to make this petit project a whole world.A world made by “sakletarna” to be able for you to follow here or to visit in its  whole  in some time in stockholm.mmmmmmmmmmmm exciting , dreamy and splendid is the words of the day, very welcome to follow us around.

Dont forget everyone is an everyday princess, and I mean every one!!Also remember princesses only fart glitter.

Love and glittery kisses/malin


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